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The Portrait of a Killer

100% proof Sara Gonzalez Devant pretending to be Julian Assange’s wife Stella Moris FAKED the pregnancy photo

Check out Stella’s secret agent parents Sergio Albio Gonzalez & Teresa Devant who worked in Cuba for SIDA with Julian Assange’s accuser CIA agent Anna Ardin.

Anonymous outs Sara Gonzalez Devant as a honey trap pretending to be Julian Assange’s partner Stella Moris. Stella says Assange told her many times he’ll kill himself to protect her. She’s lying. She works for CIA’s Rupert Murdoch who Jennifer Robinson works for. She works for CIA’s Baltasar Garzon, CIA’s Edward Fitzgerald & CIA’s Geoffrey Robertson.

The Smoking Gun

At 42:56 in Julian Assange’s last “livestream” which aired Sept. 20, 2018, Julian referenced Judge Arbuthnot’s bail charge violation ruling as “a couple of weeks ago” which was actually Feb. 13, 2018. */  The video was prerecorded, faked and put out by CIA’s Murdoch. Six months after they cut off Julian, they pretended he livestreamed. He did not. Kristinn Hrafnsson mysteriously quit WikiLeaks one year before Julian’s communications were cut. Right after Julian was cut, Kristinn took over without Julian’s permission. Julian’s lawyers are CIA. WikiLeaks is a CIA front and threw Julian under the bus.

The Family cult Julian was raised in is CIA’s The Finders. The kids are trafficked. Stella works for CIA’s Baltasar Garzon who is the convicted spy felon and disbarred lawyer who indicted Osama Bin Laden, and we all know that CIA story wasn’t true either. Julian’s lawyer Mark Summers works for US Department of Justice. Julian’s lawyer Mark Stephens holds Julian’s Power of Attorney and works for Rothschild. Julian’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson works for Murdoch who partners with Rothschild at Genie Energy with CIA’s Robert James Woolsey who busted Julian in 1993 and was Snowden’s boss at Booze. Julian’s lawyer Amal Clooney works for Clintons. 

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