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Stella Moris is lying about being Julian Assange’s partner. WikiLeaks is a CIA front, and Assange is CIA MKUltra. They threw him under the bus. Stella is involved in a plot with WikiLeaks to kill off Assange

Check it out: (a redirect).

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You can call me at 202-989-9990 or check the & Waybacks. I’ve been on this story for 10 years day and night. I went to live in London, Ecuador and Washington, DC for Julian Assange. CIA said i was CIA & FBI, but i never was. I owned Anonomobile and hijacked Anonymous Million Mask March from CIA which was a Soros op like Occupy. Then they morphed into Antifa after i hijacked them. Apparently i have admirers at DC Capitol Police, Scotland Yard and US Marshal’s Office who first recruited me asking for help because of my work with Anonymous. US Marshals say their own whistleblowers are getting killed, and their innocent kids are thrown into jail to be raped.

I supported Assange for 7 years until i found out he’s CIA. Then i learned he’s MKUltra, so i still wanted to help him. WikiJustice is a human rights association in France. They have filmmakers and journalists confirming my story. It took them a couple years, but then they found out i was right. They’re concerned about the child trafficking which i know involves CIA fronts Playboy, Warner Bros., Murdoch‘s 20th Century Fox and Disney for starters. 

Assange had my back. He leaked “spirit cooking” right after i was arrested at his place for fighting the same cannibals he’s tied to in Hampstead w/ Ricky Dearman via MI5’s WikiLeaks insider Annie Machon. Later i tied him to 22 child sex slave torture camps. I got so much it’ll make the whole world’s head spin and finally uproot the worst of it. I think Assange tried to come clean when he thought he had enough power to break away from the grips of the Eton boys, */ ** but then they silenced him. The gifted child program he was in is CIA. They steal kids, torture them like they did Assange in the cult and induct them into CIA. It’s Synagogue of Satan tied to Hellfire S&M (painful sex) Club in Melbourne where Assange hung as a kid setting up computer networks w/ dirty pedophile networks acting as police. 

No photos of boy Julian w/ his fake mum actress Christine Ann Assange before he was 39 years old. She hasn’t even made a public appearance in over 8 years. She never went to the Embassy, Belmarsh, his hearings or trial. The Twitter accounts she keeps dumping with 60,000 followers a piece wasn’t even hers. No photos of his fake dad John Shipton anywhere ever with Assange. His birth certificate isn’t signed, and Shipton’s not on it. Shipton got ownership of WikiLeaks from CIA Chief Nicholas Natsios via Cryptome’s John Young. Shipton’s closest neighbors say he was secretive and don’t know how he made his money. They lied about Assange’s family, especially Stella. Even photos of Pamela Anderson on Assange’s lap were faked and put out after Assange was silenced. His “last livestream” video was prerecorded: Assange mentioned Judge Arbuthnot’s bail charge violation ruling as “a couple weeks ago” which proves Kristinn Hrafnsson took control of WikiLeaks without Julian’s permission.  

Assange’s witchcraft mentor Vivienne Westwood’s best friend is Prince Charles, and that family is riddled deep in pedophilia w/ Mossad’s Harvey Weinstein, Prince Andrew and their pedophile network w/ Jeffrey Epstein, Pam’s Peter Nygard and Jimmy Savile. Eight Rothschilds busted w/ Epstein including Murdoch and Assange’s pal Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters. Westwood is trustee at Courage Foundation and gets Assange’s donations. She had a kid with CIA’s Malcolm McLaren. Assange’s lawyer Helena Kennedy has sleepovers with Prince Charles & Camilla. Assange’s lawyers are CIA: Jennifer Robinson is funded by Rothschild via Bertha’s Robin Hood Holdings and works for Rothschild’s partner again CIA’s Murdoch. WikiLeaks was a CIA trap tied to Clintons funded by Rothschild’s Soros. Trump was also legitimately busted w/ Assange, Clintons & Epstein. Trump v Clinton is a CIA fake fight. Clinton & Assange sparked Arab Spring together resulting in US Army War College in charge of Egypt. I’m just scratching the surface. Assange’s lawyer Amal Clooney raised millions for Clintons who’s also funded by Soros. Amal’s husband George Clooney hung at Hellfire Club with Assange as a kid. Check the Waybacks i mentioned above, because I have a decade under my belt. 

The trial was bogus. It was held at Old Baily Central Criminal Court owned and operated by Corporation of London not under UK jurisdiction just like Pentagon which is a reservation not under USA jurisdiction. A reservation. It’s BAE Systems pedophile network tied into Pentagon run by Rothschild counted as the “largest pedophile bust in history” and who FBI’s Chief Ted Gunderson was referring to as the “covert criminal military government intelligence enterprise nobody wants to talk about tied to Satanic rituals.” Same people. Same money. Same $32T in offshores. Assange’s “judge” Vanessa Baraitser was actress Lisa Baraitser right down to the mole on her face. They have their own police. UK Queen can’t even enter without their permission. Check the Waybacks.

Thank you for asking.

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Subject: Julian Assange
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His “partner” Stella is a fraud. See She works for CIA’s Judge Baltasar Garzon who indicted Osama Bin Laden and is also a disbarred lawyer and convicted spy felon. Garzon is Assange’s chief attorney and has been working with CIA for decades. Assange’s other attorney Mark Summers is US Department of Justice. Assange’s reporters are CIA MKUltra and US Department of State. His bodyguard is US Department of State’s Dan Sommers. It goes on and on like this. So much more.

CIA veteran Robert David Steele says Assange is a compromised agent–which by definition means an agent who can no longer be kept secret. Steele says US is trafficking kids at all US military bases abroad. We believe the kids they say are Assange’s are trafficked; and, after 2 years in Belmarsh, still no word from Assange on Stella or those kids. 

Assange is 100% deeply framed in 9/11. He’s a victim of CIA MKUltra since birth. We traced it to the hospital he was born in, through his youth, traced it to his family, his lawyers and through his work. Bush funded his DARPA training. The Family cult he was raised in is CIA’s The Finders. CIA they threw him under the bus like they did their own Osama Bin Laden.

We have a lot more. His lawyer Alan Dershowitz is Trump’s & Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer. It’s a Jacob Rothschild operation w/ Murdoch & Soros w/ CIA’s boss Mossad. All the guys at Rothschild’s Genie Energy including CIA’s Robert James Woolsey & Dick Cheney are partners w/ Murdoch & Rothschild who Soros works for funded by CIA via USAID. Same clan who had the 9/11 Pentagon and Jeffrey Epstein dead body exclusives. They all lied. Woolsey runs WikiLeaks, not Assange. We got a lot more than that. 

Rothschild holds Satanic rituals as his house w/ Assange’s pals Kubrick & Murdoch’s family. It gets worse. It’s Synagogue of Satan. Even worse than that. Rothschild funds Marina Abramovic. It’s what Assange’s “spirit cooking” leak was about that led to Pizzagate. They hang w/ Assange’s pals Gaga, child sex trafficker Pam Anderson and Pussy Riot. Same 9/11 crowd is the Epstein crowd tied again to Stella and Pam, and Assange is right there in the middle of it all. We shadowed him for 10 years day and night. We have thousands of pieces of evidence to back our story. 

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Subject: The Royal Family and the Antichrist
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  • Prince Harry says his family is trapped and doesn’t hold the power.
  • UK Police told me they only obey the Queen, and Rothschild holds the Queen’s money who runs Belmarsh.
  • Harry’s wife Meghan says the tabloids hold the power.
  • We know Rothschild holds Daily Mail owner Rothermere’s money (DMGT).
  • We knew Rothschild’s partner Murdoch runs the tabloids.
  • Assange’s pedophilia frame-up tied to Clinton named Rothschild’s son Nat in the email who broke with his dad Jacob.
  • We know eight Rothschilds busted w/ Epstein & saw Epstein w/ Weinstein at Windsor Castle w/ Royals and other pedophiles like Jimmy Savile & Pam’s Peter Nygard.
  • Murdoch busted with Ghislaine Maxwell.
  • Rothschild funds Abramovic aka spirit cooking.
  • Assange’s pals Gaga & Pussy Riot hang w/ Abramovic w/ Pam attending cannibal festivals.
  • Assange’s pals Kubricks hanging with Murdoch making Satanic ritual movies at Rothschild’s.
  • Assange’s lawyer 9/11 liar Dershowitz hanging with Epstein & Rothschilds.
  • Stella’s Assange trial partner M.C. McGrath funded by Epstein’s pal Peter Thiel.
  • Jacob Rothschild funds Assange thru Bertha via Robin Hood Holdings.
  • Same CIA Woolsey/Rothschild crowd who runs & funds Assange w/ Rothschild’s crony Soros funding WikiLeaks & Clintons whose CIA head was Woolsey aka Snowden’s boss.
  • Assange’s legal team Clooney conspiring w/ Clintons tied to Epstein busted w/ Podestas of Abramovic spirit cooking.
  • Rothschild was Ghislaine Maxwell’s dad’s investment banker w/ Mossad aka CIA’s boss again busted w/ Weinstein/Epstein for pedophilia/blackmail.
  • Murdoch is CIA who made Pam who hangs with Murdoch’s wife and the Victoria Secret crowd all busted w/ Epstein.
  • Playboy is a CIA front, and Pam was hanging with Hollywood pedophile victim Corey Haim saying everyone knows who the pedopohiles are, but she wouldn’t say!
  • Rothschild owns Google where Assange’s adviser Ben Laurie headed Google Security working w/ Clintons.
  • Rothschilds owns top 10 US tanks, top 5 AI firms & private prisons via institutional investing.
  • Biggest tax haven in the world is in Reno, Nevada where i born run by Rothschild.
  • Corporation of London runs London Stock Exchange w/ $32T in offshores, and it’s Rothschild who runs Corporation of London who saved the Corporation financially.
  • Rothschild runs UK Queen who runs Order of the Garter who runs Freemasons who run US Gov in secrecy via all their US Corp Freemason presidents.
  • Jacob Rothschild’s dad Victor was MI6.
  • Stella’s exclusives are coming from Murdoch.
  • Christine Ann Assange’s exclusives are coming from Murdoch. 
  • Murdoch had the 9/11 exclusive and the Epstein dead body exclusive which were both lies like Stella.
  • Rothschild funds Bill Gates also busted w/ both Abramovic & Epstein.
  • We got the people who run the Royals & Assange: Jacob Rothschild holding Satanic rituals at his house.
  • Rothschilds take credit for Israel becoming a nation via Balfour Declaration.
  • Zionists are Satanists. It’s in the Book of Revelation. JR is the Antichrist. 
  • JR is old and near death. 
  • We are World Public Court here to end the reign of Antichrist Jacob Rothschild.

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