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She’s Lying


Julian Assange sent his personal SOS to a legal association in France. Here is their letter to journalists.
We ask you to please stop conveying false information about the citizen known as Julian Paul Assange (“Julian”). The citizen Stella Moris, aka Stella Morris, aka Stella or Sara Gonzalez Devant, aka Stella Smith Robertson, aka… (“Stella”) is now the subject of an international complaint filed with the judicial authorities of sovereign countries. She has been asked to provide the justice system and the press with her birth identity and that of the children she presents as her own and own of Julian. Julian must also provide his birth identity to the justice system and through the press by means of authenticated documents so that his paternity can be made official. As long as neither Stella nor Julian has given legal proof of their identities and those of these children, these children will be considered as children without birth identity like those who say they are their parents. They may therefore be stolen children.
Furthermore, Julian has never formalized his relationship with Stella, and she is therefore not entitled to speak on his behalf. We proved that she had faked the photos in which she is portrayed to be in the company of Julian. She lied about the photos. It is legitimate to think that she lied about the nature of her relationship Julian. As long as the judicial authorities of sovereign countries have not authenticated her birth identity, her link with Julian and the birth identity of the children she presents as her own, she is overstepping her rights by speaking in the name of Julian. He alone has the right to talk for himself.
This is the fundamental rule of fair trial. Below you will find a copy of the complaint regarding Julian’s case. Until the investigations have proven the birth identity of the two children presented by Stella, we will consider them without parents, in the hands of private entities undetermined and therefore in great danger. To this day Julian is sequestered by an extra-territorial, extra-constitutional entity, a Greek-style parakratos, in the hands of the Windsor Mountbatten family, aka Bowes Lyon. Julian will have no right to justice as long as he is held hostage by this global parkratos. We urge you to read the complaint as it concerns all citizens and invite you to divulge the truth about Julian.